All growed up

When do babies stop being babies? Everyone has a different opinion. For some, it’s when they turn one. For others, it’s when they start walking, or talking – or having tantrums. But my definition is a little different.

It’s when they stop wearing babygrows.

That milestone was reached in our house this evening. Now that The Baby is walking, babygrows have become a health and safety hazard. Every morning, without fail, she trips over the feet of her sleepsuit and barrels headlong into a door frame or skirting board. So, in the interests of avoiding daily concussion, this afternoon, we took a trip to Tesco to buy some pyjamas.

It was a sad moment for me. I love babygrows. I love them so much that The Baby wore nothing but for her first three months. And even now, at 14 months, walking, talking and throwing strops, when I dress her for bed in a sleepsuit, she looks like a baby again. An overgrown baby, admittedly, but a baby all the same – a snuggly, sleepy, cosy baby.

So, dressing her in her new pyjamas this evening brought a lump to my throat. Suddenly, she looked like a toddler. I know, I know; she *is* a toddler, and I can’t pretend otherwise indefinitely, but it had an end-of-an-era feel to it. Because once you move from babygrows to pyjamas, there’s no going back. I think there has been one occasion on which The Boy has worn a sleepsuit since he graduated to pyjamas, and that was when we were camping, in autumn, and it was so, so cold that a fleece onesie (and vest, and thermal socks, and jumper) was the only sensible option. Unless we attempt a similar(ly stupid) mini-break with The Baby, her babygrow days are over. My baby is all grown up.

Tomorrow, then, I’ll have to wash and fold her sleepsuits ready to put in the loft until I either motivate myself to do an NCT sale or concede that I’ll never get round to it and send all the outgrown baby clothes to the charity shop. I’ll have to admit that my baby is a baby no more (although the ritual head-butting of wall and subsequent wails will not be missed). I suppose that means I should stop referring to her as The Baby, and start calling her The Toddler.

Well, maybe not *just* yet…


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