The Gallery: Morning

The other day, I blogged about how I’m not a morning person – but my children are. In a former life, 7am was classed as an early start; now, it’s a veritable lie-in.

I shouldn’t be surprised, really. Because right from day one, my children *have* been morning people.

The Boy was born at 7.35am. It was a long, tough labour. I was suffering from an acute ear infection when I started contracting, so I spent the entire labour in (almost) as much pain from my eardrum as from my uterus, and 50 per cent deaf, too.

I was group B strep positive, so was admitted to hospital and hooked up to a drip as soon as I was 3cm dilated. It took another 56 hours before, with the ‘help’ of syntocinon and ventouse, The Boy was dragged out by the head, at exactly the time I would usually have been hauling myself out of bed to get ready for work. My first photo with my firstborn child ranks as one of the worst ever taken of me, but after two and a half days of hospital-based labour, the camera (sadly) wasn’t lying.

The Baby’s birth was somewhat different. Free this time from group B strep (hooray!) I was cleared to use the birth centre, and determined to stay at home for as long as possible. So when I felt the first twinges at around 5am, two days after my due date, I was confident that labour was starting – but also that it was in its very early stages.

It was probably my biggest error of judgement ever. To cut a long story short, I got up, had a bath, realised the contractions were coming every 90 seconds, got out of the bath, got DH to phone the birth centre, threw the phone back at him when he tried to make me speak to them, gasped that I needed to push, and ended up with two on-call midwives delivering The Baby onto my own bed at 8.22am, in an entirely unplanned home birth.

So while I hate mornings – always have, always will – my two beautiful children clearly set their own agenda from the moment of birth. And while I’ll admit to selective deafness and hiding under the duvet before 7am, I’ll also concede that if I *have* to get up in the morning, then these two are the best motivation a girl can get.

This is my entry to The Gallery: Morning. Read more blogs here.


4 thoughts on “The Gallery: Morning

  1. I feel lucky that mine aren’t morning people! Now they are older on a Saturday I even get to stay in bed to 9 or later as they will get themselves up and watch TV until they get hungry 😉 Your birth stories are such a contrast. Mine were a failed homebirth ending in an emergency C Section. Then a “planned” section at 12 days over!

  2. DD2 and DS like to get up early in the morning, the other two, not so much. They all make a bloody fuss going to bed though- Grrrr

    • Littlest still goes to bed willingly; biggest is often found reading at stupid o’clock.
      PS: am slinking back to FB to ask a question on the parent bloggers board!

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