The Gallery: Sunshine

One of the nice things about having a larger than average age gap between children is watching your youngest go through the same experiences that your eldest did. Seeing The Baby doing the things that her big brother did five years ago not only gives me a chance to enjoy these stages all over again, but also sends me into a warm, fuzzy state of reminiscence as I remember what The Boy was like at the same age.

The recent sunshine has given us lots of these opportunities. This photo of The Boy, taken at our local children’s farm, is one of my all-time favourites:

So, a couple of weeks ago, when the weather was just starting to warm up, I attempted a similar shot of The Baby:

We’ve also been out and about in our favourite park, now that The Baby has found her feet. This is The Boy at about 18 months old:

And here’s his little sister, at 13 months, encountering the same tunnel:

This week, with the weather properly hot at last, we’ve had the paddling pool out (manually – and laboriously – filled by watering can, in case the hosepipe police are reading), so I’ve been able to relive another fond memory from The Boy’s baby days:

He was only about seven months old there. Last summer was too dreary to get much paddling pool action, so The Baby has had to wait until the ripe old age of 15 months for her first al fresco dip:

But even better than watching The Baby encountering the things that were once new experiences for her brother is seeing the two of them enjoying them together.

Here’s to lots more sunshine this summer, lots more milestones relived and lots more shared fun and laughter.


3 thoughts on “The Gallery: Sunshine

  1. Such sweet pictures and a lovely story. I love that the age gap you’ve encountered has been a positive one. We’re not likely to have our (hoped for) second baby any time too soon so there’s likely to be a bit of a bigger age gap. Glad to hear it can work!

    • It’s a lovely gap – it means I have quality time with The Baby when her brother is at school, and he’s big enough to be caring and sweet and understanding. We have our moments, of course (trying to do homework when The Baby is having a strop is never easy) but on the whole it works for us.

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